Our story

From the need of a wardrobe more authorial and less full of sameness, is born the brand (carioca of the gem) Khey. A joke made with an internal joke between friends and the word "key" in English. With creative and free-spirited lyfestyle influence, the brand raises the banner of daring, debauchery and fun in its elements-inspiration for collection and its communication.

Pop culture, loucura, lgbt and European design are also ingredients that spice up this recipe. The major music festivals in Europe and the USA influence our prints and shapes with pressure. With the premise of making an attractive and quality product, Khey is a brand for him, for her and for you.

"We always want to know the opinion of our customers and friends to mature the product and thus meet their expectations within the possible"
Bianca Lopes, creator of the brand, says.

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